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After finding that our 3 hives had died over the winter we now have two new colonies which we’ve had a couple of months now. Hive N.1 was a bit of a worry as we were pretty sure we lost the queen, this happens however a new queen was born and is now viable and we noticed last week that there is new broad which is all a very good sign. We expect to see this hive improve over the coming weeks. Hive N.2 however is a completely different story and doing so well it is amazing.  Last week the ‘Super’ which is the box where the honey is made was so heavy that one person alone could not lift it! We quickly knocked up some more frames and have put a second super on. This all means we will have some honey this year, not as much as last year but you never know – anything can happen with bee’s! Just hope the weather stays good and the bee’s can get out to forage.

We look at the bee’s every Thursday evening at 7.30pm on the roof of the tenants hall and if you ever want to come up and have a look you are more than welcome to do so.
Sara, Ron, Kate and Ben


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