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attachment-1Works have  started on our long awaited Heritage Lottery Funded park restoration! Completion planned to be around February 2015!

In a nutshell the park restoration project will result in:

new purpose made playgrounds to replace the original ones (which have all been removed). There will be 4 new playgrounds in the sunken walled spaces: one for young children, one for older kids, a playground with all different types of swings – as well as a space for ball games. Lots of the children living on the estate have helped us with the design of these, and we are really excited about them!

 – restoring all the paths which have become bumpy and uneven over the years so they are suitable for all – including for pushchairs and wheelchairs – so everyone can get to more of the park. This includes creating a few new or improved paths as well.

 – revitalising the planting with new plants, shrubs and trees as well as managing better the original planting. This will reinstate the original planting scheme with a few additions to bring it up to date with the latest plant types – the original park designer Janet Jack has been helping us with all the details of these proposals. There will be much more year-round colour and less bare soil, and we’ve also been thinking about how to incorporate planting which is good for our wildlife.

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