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Neave Brown becomes first architect to have all his UK work listed

imgres Today Building Design Magazine announced that ‘Neave Brown has become the only architect to have all his UK work listed after his first solo project was granted grade II protection’.

His UK work includes Fleet Road  Grade II listed Fleet Road and and our Grade II* Alexandra Road Estate.

Brown said: “I am absolutely delighted that the three buildings have been recognised for their quality. It feels

Read more on the Building Design online magazine


Watch Neave Brown video ‘What is Architecture?’



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id904615017  20140920_133017 On the Saturday of Open House London weekend (20-21st September 2014) one of the flats which still retains Neave Brown’s original interior was visited by 130 people.

People come from all over the world and are always curious to see what it looks like inside the concrete!
A lot of people commented on the planting down Rowley way and also how well kept the place looked.

On the following Saturday a large group of visitors appeared at the Shef fruit and veg cooperative which is run at the hall on Saturday mornings . It was a great surprise to discover that they were from The National Trust, rather better known for their visits to stately homes and gardens! Apparently they have decided to widen their remit and were touring modern buildings in an old routemaster bus!

Anyway they were sorry to have missed the sale of our very locally produced honey which took place that morning but were very happy to find we had some fruit left to give them!