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NEW – South Hampstead Ballet Club

Try your first class Free!

Classes for children and for adultsballet class on Rowley Way NW8

Starting on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 in the Tenants Hall, Rowley Way Wednesday afternoons

3.30pm – 4.30pm Children’s Ballet Class
(Parent or guardian must be present)

4.30pm – 5.30pm Adult Beginner Class

£3.50 per class

Contact: 07866 246 859 if you have any questions


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Neave Brown becomes first architect to have all his UK work listed

imgres Today Building Design Magazine announced that ‘Neave Brown has become the only architect to have all his UK work listed after his first solo project was granted grade II protection’.

His UK work includes Fleet Road  Grade II listed Fleet Road and and our Grade II* Alexandra Road Estate.

Brown said: “I am absolutely delighted that the three buildings have been recognised for their quality. It feels

Read more on the Building Design online magazine


Watch Neave Brown video ‘What is Architecture?’


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id904615017  20140920_133017 On the Saturday of Open House London weekend (20-21st September 2014) one of the flats which still retains Neave Brown’s original interior was visited by 130 people.

People come from all over the world and are always curious to see what it looks like inside the concrete!
A lot of people commented on the planting down Rowley way and also how well kept the place looked.

On the following Saturday a large group of visitors appeared at the Shef fruit and veg cooperative which is run at the hall on Saturday mornings . It was a great surprise to discover that they were from The National Trust, rather better known for their visits to stately homes and gardens! Apparently they have decided to widen their remit and were touring modern buildings in an old routemaster bus!

Anyway they were sorry to have missed the sale of our very locally produced honey which took place that morning but were very happy to find we had some fruit left to give them!

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attachment-1Works have  started on our long awaited Heritage Lottery Funded park restoration! Completion planned to be around February 2015!

In a nutshell the park restoration project will result in:

new purpose made playgrounds to replace the original ones (which have all been removed). There will be 4 new playgrounds in the sunken walled spaces: one for young children, one for older kids, a playground with all different types of swings – as well as a space for ball games. Lots of the children living on the estate have helped us with the design of these, and we are really excited about them!

 – restoring all the paths which have become bumpy and uneven over the years so they are suitable for all – including for pushchairs and wheelchairs – so everyone can get to more of the park. This includes creating a few new or improved paths as well.

 – revitalising the planting with new plants, shrubs and trees as well as managing better the original planting. This will reinstate the original planting scheme with a few additions to bring it up to date with the latest plant types – the original park designer Janet Jack has been helping us with all the details of these proposals. There will be much more year-round colour and less bare soil, and we’ve also been thinking about how to incorporate planting which is good for our wildlife.

For more information visit

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New Aikido classes on Tuesdays and Fridays

Our Tenants Hall is now hosting a new group training the Japanese martial art of Aikido, on Tuesdays (7 – 8:30 p.m.) and Fridays (7:30-9:30 p.m.).

Aikido is an inherently non-aggressive  Japanese martial art based primarily on unbalancing an attacker through the use and re-direction of his own momentum, and through the application of throws and joint locks. As it requires very little force, it can be practiced with very little physical strength and by people of all ages. It is self-defense (and self-improvement) oriented and non-competitive.

The instructor is Nikos, who has been training and practicing aikido for the past 13 years, including 3 years spent at the Shiseikan Dojo in Tokyo, attaining the grade of 3rd dan.

Classes are for 18yo+ and open to both men and women. For further information please contact Nikos directly at    or 07475825852. The group will take a break from training in August, and resume in September.


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After finding that our 3 hives had died over the winter we now have two new colonies which we’ve had a couple of months now. Hive N.1 was a bit of a worry as we were pretty sure we lost the queen, this happens however a new queen was born and is now viable and we noticed last week that there is new broad which is all a very good sign. We expect to see this hive improve over the coming weeks. Hive N.2 however is a completely different story and doing so well it is amazing.  Last week the ‘Super’ which is the box where the honey is made was so heavy that one person alone could not lift it! We quickly knocked up some more frames and have put a second super on. This all means we will have some honey this year, not as much as last year but you never know – anything can happen with bee’s! Just hope the weather stays good and the bee’s can get out to forage.

We look at the bee’s every Thursday evening at 7.30pm on the roof of the tenants hall and if you ever want to come up and have a look you are more than welcome to do so.
Sara, Ron, Kate and Ben

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The TRA has been working closely with Camden Council to improve the lighting and appearance of the garages on Rowley Way and to increase patrols. Many garages have now been cleaned up and are ready to rent for residents with vehicles. Camden Council have had the garages painted and cleaned up, lighting has been improved, and disused garages cleaned up and made ready to rent. They cost around £8 a week depending on the size of your engine and emissions. To apply for a garage you can go to Camden’s website here. For more information call the Contact Centre on 0207 974 4444