Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate

Tenants and Residents Association


Currently we have various working groups including –

  • The Heating Working Group which has been working with the Council to ensure that any new heating system for the estate is what residents want;
  • The Open Space (Park) Working Group A team from the TRA worked with other residents to put together an application for funds to the Heritage Lottery Fund for money for our park and successfully raised £2mm for our Park. Works will start soon
  • The Tenants Hall Working Group which has been working hard to get activities running in our Tenants Hall including the Monday Matinee Film Club, yoga class, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo Classes for kids and adults
  • The Filming Working Group which looks over applications to film on the estate to make sure that programmes made here are positive.

These are groups of about 4 people, some TRA members and some residents that are just interested in that subject.The more people involved the better, you don’t have to be a TRA member to be involved. So you can be involved as much as you want to be. For more info join one of our TRA meetings or email us at


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