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Tenants and Residents Association


On this page we hope to build up a comprehensive list of useful contacts, a who’s who in Camden, websites and details of local amenities like local doctors, dentists etc. We hope you find this useful and welcome suggestions or recommendations from your local restaurant to the dentist you use!

Contacting Camden

Kilburn Ward Housing Manager: Laura Day 020 7974 6561
Our Estate Officer: 020 7974 6151 or
or email Shari Odunoye at Shari is in charge of day-to-day running of tenancy and leasehold services including neighbour nuisance, enforcement of tenancy conditions and tenant participation.

Caretaking on-site-supervisor: 020 7974 8275 Robert Stoney for all your caretaking enquiries.

Our Rent Officer: 020 7974 3687 Beatrice Monu for queries or problems with your rent account.

Repairs: 020 7974 1212
Emergency Repairs: 020 7278 4444

Camden Housing Patrol -Anti Social Behaviour and Noise Nuisance 6pm-2am:
020 7974 4444

For general queries you can contact the Police or Council:
Kilburn SNT:
Camden Council:

If you want to contact the police in person regarding a non urgent matter, this is the nearest contact point for residents of Kilburn ward
Wednesday: 7pm – 8pm
Thursday: 7pm – 8pm
Saturday: 2pm – 3pm

Safer Neighbourhood:
020 8721 2017
or 07843 291099

NON Emergency Police:
There is a low level or not urgent issue, or for anti social behaviour: 101

In an EMERGENCY: 999

Camden Leaseholders Forum:
Contact Details
C/o Room 404, Bidborough House, 20 Mabledon Place
020 7974 2377 (telephone)

Useful Websites:

For advice on listed building issues:
email: or 020 7974 5613/5623

To report unauthorised works to the listed building (Rowley Way and Ainsworth Way only): email or 020 7974 5613/5623. This is Camden Council’s Compliance and Enforcement Team.

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